I’m reading these books all out of order. It’s like the reading equivalent of watching Momento or Pulp Fiction. Still, they’re good books and mostly self-contained. I can also see the evolution of Max Allan Collins’ writing style, so it’s a little jarring to go back to the original book.

The setting is in the 70’s and it’s weird seeing how different money was worth back then. I professional hitman only costs four grand. And everything else is cheap, too. There’s a TV adaption of the book that just came out. I’m going to go watch it and see how it compares. I know it’s already a little different because Quarry has a name in the TV show.

What We Do In The Shadows (2015)

What We Do In The Shadows

I don’t know if this will play correctly, but I’ll give it a shot. The link is to Amazon where the movie is free with a Prime Membership and probably a few dollars without one.

It’s worth whatever the cost is though. A very funny mockumentary about four vampires in New Zealand. It’s never gut busting funny, but the low simmer of comedic happenings, keeps the film rolling along. Absolutely loved it. Stu’s the best part though as a remarkably bland human hanging out with the undead as if it’s the most ordinary thing. An accurate 96% on Rotten Tomatoes.

End of Watch

The final part of the Bill Hodges trilogy. Great sendoff to a good series. We finally get the supernatural stuff that seemed to be hinted at.

It was a good month. I finished eight books and wrote a lot. Rewrote a lot. Should have my first novel finished and ready to go soon. Google is under control, but still annoying.

Fuck You Google

I used to like the Google news aggregator for checking out the news of the day. But, now for some reason, it demands that I know about those weird inbred Duggar people. I don’t want to know anything about those weirdos. I don’t care if they’re marrying their sisters or whatever they’re doing. I remove the news services that report on them and Google just digs deeper. Soon, there’s not going to be any fucking news left in the world, because every fucking source will be blocked.

So fucking frustrating. Just stop feeding me this shit, Google.

Finders Keepers

The second in the Bill Hodges trilogy. Bill’s more of a side character in this one and the whole book seems like it’s just an interlude in the main story of psycho Brady Hartsfield. Brady seems to have developed psychic powers after having had his head bashed in at the end of the first novel. Enjoyable read, especially the comparison between the main bad guy and the hero of the story. I felt the same way they did at the end. It’s interesting how much power objects can have.

I just finished Mr. Mercedes and was in the middle of this one when the Manchester bombing occurred. It’s weird and sad to see an attack carried out that is similar to the kind of attack you just read about. Of course, since there’s a car attack in the previous book as well and there have been several car attacks in the last couple of years. Sadly, I feel like I should be used to it by now.

Hard Hitting Journalism From Cracked

Robert Evans of Cracked read every issue of ISIS’ magazine to try to understand what they’re all about.

It’s from Cracked, so lots of crude jokes, but still a really interesting article. I can’t decide if it’s weird that Cracked has this kind of article.

The whole ISIS thing is difficult to deal with. I can’t say I know what to do, but I know what won’t work: Starting a war with Iran. That seems to be what Trump’s great plan to defeat ISIS is. personally, I’d just keep giving the Kurds weapons and money. They’ll probably eventually defeat them. Sure, they’ll probably start a war with Turkey, as well, but Erdogan is an Asshole, so I’m okay with that. Ah, unintentional consequences.

The Secret World


Ten years ago, today, I joined the forums for a new MMO called The Secret World. I was the 2,971st person to join the forums. I waited five years for the game to come out, participated in lots of ARGs and watched the evolution of the game, from a concept that no one knew anything about, to a fully fledged game. I did two months of the beta and bought the 200 dollar grandmaster pack as soon as it was available. I played the game for five years. Running dungeons before anyone had guides to them, figuring out investigation missions before help arrived, and generally doing everything you could in the game.

In my time, I had 10 global number one monster kills. I ended the game with six global number ones. I have my name in the game for one of them. There was a point in time I had more achievement points than anyone else in the game. I was the second person to finish every 10k monster kill. (I should have been first, but I moved to Vermont during the final push) *not really bitter*. Most important, I met my wife in the game. She is the greatest achievement and I wouldn’t have it without TSW.

The Secret World is dead. Funcom is putting the game into maintenance mode. They’re starting a new game: Secret World Legends. But it’s not the same game, and it’s exactly the same game. I might go back and do everything again, or I might not. I haven’t decided yet. They’ve lost all of my faith. All of my goodwill. I don’t doubt that they had any other choice than what they are doing, but it is still killing my game. But, the game has been dead for a year or more. The forums are dead except for the occasional patter from annoying pseudo-girls. It looks like they are moving the forums to Reddit. They’re probably turning the game into a console game and abandoning the PC market.

It’s been ten years. I drink a toast to what came before and the good times I had. I shall mourn, but move on.