The Stuff (1985)

I’m starting this year’s Halloween marathon month a half month early. And starting with The Stuff. The classic monster movie from 1985. It’s kind of an 80s version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, where a strange organism takes over the minds of people. In this case from them eating the yogurt like substance. It’s… Read more The Stuff (1985)

Candyman (2021)

I watched the new Candyman movie yesterday and really enjoyed it. It works as a movie in it’s own right, exploring black rage at the totality of American history, but it does something that I look for in a sequel or remake: does it stay true to the original movie? It does. They retell the… Read more Candyman (2021)

Website Outage

Well, this has been awful. I don’t know exactly what has been happening the last few days, but my website has been completely down and it’s just now partially coming back up. I emailed support and they said there was a major incident and that they were working on it. Not sure why they didn’t… Read more Website Outage

Passed CCNA

I earned my CCNA Thursday. The test wasn’t as hard as I was expecting it to be, although still plenty tough. I spent about 120 hours watching videos, and read 1400 pages of books, and lots of time doing Packet Tracer labs and practice tests, so all that effort was rewarded. I’m continuing with my… Read more Passed CCNA